Local Missions Day 3

After getting back last night from a great retreat night at Notre-Dame de Fatima, today we left bright and early for La Corde Youth Centre. We met a great group of kids who spent their lunch hour introducing our group to the card game spoons, playing air hockey, playing games and just enjoying the company of new friends. Nobody wanted to leave and we are excited for tomorrow when we go back La Corde to present Bible stories and lessons to the group with our skits. Here are some student thoughts and pictures from today.

Blessings, Laura

Today we had the chance to go Work with children. I had an amazing time teaching one of the kids to play certain drum beats, and to see how well they responded with everything that I showed them. It was also amazing to see how excited they were.

I had a lot of fun with the kids at La Corde. At first I was a little nervous since I don’t really talk to kids very much, but once I got to know some of them I really opened up. It was a great experience







2 thoughts on “Local Missions Day 3

  1. You look great , more power to ye all to continue do the good work .
    We missed you Ashley just remember we are praying with you all.


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