Belize – Day 4


Hello from Belize!

Day 4 started with another great breakfast, compliments of Lazarus, Alicia and Dominina.  They have been looking after all of us so well over the past few days, we are all so appreciative of all they are doing for us!  It is hard to imagine a better place to eat breakfast, watching the mist burn off the palm-treed canopy, watching hummingbirds feed, and hearing all the new morning sounds of the waking jungle.

We prepared bags of food in the morning after breakfast, and then headed into the village with Lazarus.  The students were able to share food, sing some songs, get to know some of the locals, learn about their situations, and pray for various needs with them.  It was very humbling and impactful, as they sought to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It was quite an amazing time!

In the afternoon, we were able to spend some time journaling, reflecting on the morning outing, and praying for each other.  We also spent some time praying for the local Montreal mission team as well.

Before heading off for our afternoon swim, we helped to do some work on the base, installing a large tank to capture rainwater.  The students are learning how to be helpful, and are really committed to all the tasks they are given.

This evening, we watched another episode in the Fan or Follower series, and then spent some time discussing the implications of being a follower, and what are some of the things that may be keeping us from being a committed follower of Jesus.  We had a lot of great chats and spent more time in prayer through this as well.

Off to bed, tomorrow, we are hoping to finish the playground equipment at the preschool!

As a last note, sorry this is late, the weather was cloudy this morning, limiting computer usage until I was able to get some plug-in time in the village late in the day.  All of the students have been able to participate well, they are all healthy and managing to adjust to the hot and humid weather.

Blessings to you all!

Below are some student comments, more will follow tomorrow!

Ashley: Hey you guys! Living in the jungle in Belize isn’t as bad as you think it is, it’s actually PRETTY cool. You get to hear some odd but cool sounds coming from the forest, get to eat some unique and different kinds of food. Today I’ve actually seen a tarantula (which wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be), we also went around a village here in Armenia and handed out some rice, beans, salt and noodles. When we were down in the village, we were singing to some families and that’s when I really felt God tugging at my heart strings and his presence in me. Mr. Tracy is stressing me out to finish, so I’ll tell you all about the rest when I get home. Please tell the church that I’m safe and sound down south and that I thank them for all the support they’ve given me. God bless you lots and lots of love. xoxo

Samuel : Mami j’ai tellement appris de nouvelles choses, par exemple de la nourriture. Aujourd’hui on est allé dans des maison et ça m’a fait mal au cœur. Dans les jours précédents on a aidé des enfants et c’était vraiment le fun et je vais avoir du mal à partir d’ici. Vous me manquer tous toi, jojo et byby, j’ai hâte de vous revoir. Je vous aime fort.

Spencer: I’ve really enjoyed being in the jungle, being put out of my comfort zone. Its challenged me to try new foods, meet new people and a whole bunch of other things related to a warm climate. We’re all enjoying ourselves because no one is sick and everyone is getting along. Don’t worry, I do miss you guys too.




One thought on “Belize – Day 4

  1. I’m glad and praise our Mighty God that you’re all doing fine . And yes Ashley we missed you and proud for you ( as long as you dont bother the tarantula they will not bother you as well they’re also a little creatures, just be very careful). we the church will continue to pray for all of you with your mission that God assign you to do there in Belize. God Boess🙏

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