Belize – Day 5


These are some photos of our day today!!! We finished the playground equipment and cleaned up the area!  The teachers and students really appreciated all our work!

You can also see the amazing breakfast we were served this morning by our amazing hosts: Lazarus, Alicia & Dominina!

Below are more comments from the students:

Richard:  Dad I’m still alive- do not call the embassy!  Dear Mom, Dad and Cynthia you guys miss me a lot but I’m very glad to be there to help kids and other people. I have made a new friend named Devon and I’m playing with him every day. Here in the jungle I learned a lot a stuff that I didn’t even know that existed. If I have the opportunity to come back here I’ll come back for sure because Jesus has shown me that every place I go He is protecting me and I was scared for nothing to come live in the jungle for a simply a week. I can stay here for three weeks easily. So in conclusion I love u all I u miss me a lot and I can’t wait to see you guys ! God bless you.

Dana: Hi mom, dad and fab, I miss you a lot and I can’t wait to see you and tell you about all the incredible things we have done and seen here in Belize. I am really glad and proud of the work we did. Every day we do amazing new things that really touch us, for example, yesterday I was given the opportunity to represent our group in the homes of some local villagers who only spoke Spanish. The food here is really good, I’m safe and God is with us. I miss you and I love you.

Kwame: Hello people of the cold country, Belize is a great country to be in. There are lots of different smells all over the place (kinda smells like Ghana) including the smell of the great food that Laz and Alicia are cooking for us. The days are passing so fast but we learn something new every day which makes us more grateful for what we have at home and also helps us grow closer to Christ. I have made new relationships with the people I have met here in Belize and I have fortified my existing relationships with my friends. Helping people and thinking of others every day is such a blessing and a good opportunity to learn new things. As Mr.K said ² A new day brings a new adventure².

Dell: Hello everyone in Canada don’t worry about us, the weather here is great and we’re having a great and blessed time. Mom and Dad if you get this message just know that I love and miss you guys very much and Mom don’t worry the food is great it feels like home! keep praying for us and wish us the best, love you!

Matt: Hey guys, the mission trip so far has been awesome. The weather has been nice, sometimes you are dying from the humidity but when the breeze comes in its nice. The people here are just amazing, they are so caring and loving. They always have smiles on their faces and it brings joy to me. I am still a little scared when I go to bed because of the insects but I live through it. The rivers here are so nice after a long hard working day, it’s very refreshing. Also, the food here is way better than I thought, I am always excited when it is time to eat. Anyways I am having so much fun on this trip and I love you mom and dad and can’t wait to see you!

John: Hello people, of the North!  how are you doing today! Me, I am doing just fine, is it still snowing maybe yes or no? I like it here, I met a lot of people here like Mr.K, Lazarus, Laz s family. Today we were working in a preschool and it’s fun to hang out with my friends in school in this trip to Belize and to also know them more. I hang out here a lot with Mr.K because sometimes he’s funny. It’s fun here to see the sunrise with the sound of the rooster. And it’s very hot here in Belize. I miss all pray for us and for the local mission too.

Bless you all.

Elisabeth: Hello fam. The mission trip is absolutely amazing. From the first day I got here, nothing but great things have happened. The first night was hard because of my problem with spiders, but the spiders aren’t bad at all. This trip puts a smile on my face, but sometimes brings me to tears. Yesterday we had the chance to go door to door, handing out food, sing and pray for the families. It is unbelievable the way they live. They have nothing, and yet they are so grateful. After every day, we go swimming in the river, which is the most refreshing part of the day. Mom, forget about pants, it feels like the middle of the earth here. I’ve never been this hot. Or have I? 😉 Our schedule is pretty packed so I don’t have much time to miss you, but I found a little time to miss home. I don’t want to leave though, because this trip has really changed my life. ITS ONLY THE FIFTH DAY!!! Can’t wait to tell you all the AMMMMAAZZZIINNNGGGGG stories!!! AND I CAN’T WAIT TO EAT A NICE GREEN SALAD!!!! Love you all!






3 thoughts on “Belize – Day 5

  1. Hello from Montreal!
    Well to give you some news of the weather, since you’ve left it hasn’t been cold, around 5 degrees but rain, rain rain and more rain ! Tomorrow, which will be Day 6 for you, the yellow fireball in the sky should come out….we’ll see!;-)
    I am so happy for you to be able to experience a missionary trip to Belize. I went on a mission trip to Haïti long time ago and it is a life changing experience. It shows us how, whatever the circumstances, God is always there to take care of his children. To the young children, you are big brothers and sisters to them. Believe me when I say, they will not forget you.
    Message to my girls in Dance Class, I can’t wait for you to show us some cultural dance moves from Belize!!! 😁
    Enjoy every minute and may God greatly bless you and touch your hearts!
    Can wait to hear about some of your stories!!
    In Christ, Many Blessings!

    Mrs. Peggy 😊❤️


  2. Thanks so much Mr Tracy for the extraordinary description of the journeys, I can really imagine what you guys are seeing and feeling.

    Dana my sweetheart, I’m so proud that you’re following your goals and dreams, I know how hard you worked to be there, I really admire you and love you to Infinity and Beyond.
    Bonita, te extraño inmensamente! 💕

    Hi Dana, you look so happy when you fulfill your dreams and that’s why I feel proud of you, I miss you so much
    -José Luis

    Heyy Dana, love you and can’t wait for you to comeback❤️ keep helping people around the world!

    Guys, continue enjoying this exiting experience, God bless you all !


  3. Reading the kids comments bring me tears of joy. God is good!
    Friedisha, I love your photo with the kids. I know you are enjoying it, for how much you love little children. I can’t wait to hear all the little details of this wonder experience. I miss and love you.❤❤

    Thank you to the team who is taking care of our children in Belize. Taking care of 14 teenagers is a lot!
    May God continue to love and protect you all .


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