Local Missions Day 5

Today we left bright and early to go to Welcome Hall Mission. We had a tour of the facility and got to see how many of the ministry locations we are visiting this week are connected. For example, on Monday we were at Moisson Montreal. Today carrots we bagged there were handed out to those in need at Welcome Hall Mission. Cool connections!

Some of the students got to hand out food to the needy families. Although no pictures were allowed due to protecting their clients, those who got to serve this way were thrilled to do this task. The other students sorted the meat donations. We were told we had fed over 500 families in the few hours we worked. We also had fun doing it! It was a cold area and we wore orange polar jackets and gloves. Everyone worked hard even though it was a different and challenging environment to be in.

Grace and Trinity from last years local mission joined to help us today too. Their support was amazing. Thank you team: you represented us well.

Blessings, Laura


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