Belize – Day 6

What a busy morning today!!!! We went to bed early last night, and it was helpful as we got up early to prepare for the second annual youth rally at the Loforna base.  We invited 17 youth from the village to come to the base for a power-packed time with our team!  The Emmanuel students welcomed these young people and we started the day together with the singing of both national anthems!  This was followed by some introduction games, as well as a series of student-run circle games, relay races, and just pure fun!  Our students were awesome, as they engaged with and led the games and activities.

We then presented some of our skits, and sang some worship songs together.  The Belizean youth were not to be outdone however, as they in turn took the stage and presented some songs as well.

The students are very dedicated to the tasks, working very well together, with positive attitudes, demonstrating lots of flexibility and adaptability as the schedule changes from time to time.  You should all be very proud of your kids!

We then shared a time of prayer and food together.  We had a great lunch, and then gave them all gift bags as they headed back into town!  Overall, a super event, which allowed many of the young people from the village to get to know Lazarus and Alicia better, and for many of them, it was the first time that they had come to the base.  This was one of the objectives of the day, to expose the youth to the ministry site, and to connect more families from the village into the work that is taking place here.

After a de-briefing time, we watched the 4th episode in the ‘Fan or Follower’ series.  We learned that to be a follower, it means we have to actually die to ourselves daily, giving up the things that keep us from Him.  This is really hard, even when we know it is the right thing to do.

We also spent some time journaling, and had another refreshing clean-up in the river as well. It is such a blessing to be able to spend time relaxing in the jungle rivers nearby.  We have been able to swim in three different rivers so far.

This evening will be another team devotions time, and then preparing for Sunday.

Blessings to all of you back in Canada.  Thank you for your comments on the blog.  The students appreciate the comments, as we read them out every day at breakfast to the whole team.  It is reassuring for them all to hear that everyone is doing well in Montreal!! 😉

We will be having the students add more of their comments tomorrow on the blog.  It will be updated late tomorrow, as we will be attending a morning and an evening church service.

Bye for now!


3 thoughts on “Belize – Day 6

  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos and daily updates on the blog. We wait for it with much eager anticipation each night. It helps so much to make us feel like we’re almost there with you. I wish I were actually…I’m so jealy. Looks like you’re working hard, keeping busy and having the time of your lives. Treasure every moment, be humble, and thank God for this amazing experience and privilege to serve. And don’t forget to mind your manners. Thank you so much Lazarus, Alicia and Dominina for preparing AAALL that FOOOD and for feeding our kids. You rock! God bless you!


  2. Wow a busy day indeed!!! despite the busy day you all have smiles on your faces. God bless you and continue to use to be a blessing to the people in Belize. Thanks to Lazarus, Dominina and Alicia for all your delicious food. If Kwame says someone’s food is delicious then I tell you your food is really gooooood. We miss you but we know you a doing an amazing work for the Lord. Take care and stay blessed.


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