Local Missions Day 7

Today we got a new experience! We attended the church, Centre Evangelique Des Nations. Asmick the La Corde ministry director is the pastor at the church. It sure was lively! Dancing and clapping are a big part of this church. A very welcoming experience as many wanted to meet our team and encourage us. Mr. Lussier spoke about what our mission program does and that we have a team in Belize as well. Pierre and Johnny spoke about their learnings so far. Johnny spoke of how he had learned that their posture should be like Christ when serving others. This was a lesson from last weeks camp. Pierre said he wanted to pray for the church after he had explained the impact that the mission was having on him. Both students got a rousing AMEN numerous times from the congregation. It was impactful to share before this group and we were encouraged.

Then it was on to a pizza lunch and Skytag day!

Ready to serve again tomorrow…with a brand new experience to share. Belize team, we think of you often and wonder what you are doing as we do ministry along side you.

God Bless, Laura


One thought on “Local Missions Day 7

  1. Hello everyone!
    I love to see pictures of all the great experiences you are living!
    Keep up the great work! During your journey, you may no realize how many children and adults can be touched by your loving and generous hearts. But God is at work through you!
    Message to my Dance Class girls, I’m looking forward to some new dance moves you might have picked up at Centre Evangelique Des Nations! 😀
    May God continue His work through you and may touch your hearts!

    In Christ, Many blessings!

    Mrs. Peggy 😊❤️


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