Belize – Day 7

Good morning…we ran out of internet access as I was posting this last night…so here is what should have gone up last night…

This is a very late post, we just got back from an evening worship service at the River of Life church in Armenia.  It is a Spanish-speaking church, so our language skills were put to the test! We presented two of our skits as well as a song, and shared a message about ‘Ask-Seek-Knock’.  It was such a blessing to be amongst the members of this church.  We had met many of the children at the pre-school and at the youth rally, and our students were able to connect in with many!

This morning, we attended the Living Waters church in Roaring Creek.  We presented a skit and a song there as well.  Pastor Frank shared a very pertinent message that resonated with our group.  This is the third time our team has visited this church, and it is great to see some of the community development and connections taking place.  It was such a blessing for many of the Emmanuel group to recognize how we can live far from one another, but that we all serve the same God!

In the afternoon, we visited a Mayan temple, as you can see by the great photos that Matt took!  It was a beautiful view from the top, but it was really hot in the sun!

We are on the base tomorrow, so the students will be able to add their comments.  Sorry that there have not been as many student comments, but the days are very busy, and we can only get onto the internet sporadically.

Everyone is doing well, even though it is challenging to deal with the heat every day!

Blessings to you all back home! (shout out to our kids too- hey Zos, Katie & Matt – we miss you !)



2 thoughts on “Belize – Day 7

  1. Hi Team! Thanks for the pictures, and thoughts you’ve shared over the last few days. These blogs have been the highlight of our day, as we follow the progress of your trip. We are very encouraged to see how God is working in you, and through you, as you reach out to others. No doubt, your contribution to Christ’s legacy in Armenia, Belize is a blessing to all, and we trust this experience will have a lasting impact on your lives too. Enjoy the time that is left, and we look forward to your safe return next week. God Bless!


  2. Hi, I wonder if Dana went to the Mayan Temple, we don’t see her in any picture, did she participate in the activity, is she ok?
    Thanks for sharing….


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