Local Missions Day 10

Today was the last day of this ten day adventure. Blessings and new experiences have been shared. Everyone is tired and happy. Here are the final missions thoughts and feelings as we ended with a final homeless ministry day.

safe home Belize team! Laura
Today was an amazing experience when we fed the homeless. During this whole missions trip, this day was the most rewarding. The homeless were so thankful and happy when we gave them them the food. Seeing their smiles brought me so much joy.

This week was an amazing week for me because we had the chance to talk to so many different people, and see all their different story’s. It was cool to see how they came to the place they are at now.
I have done some soul winning before with my church, but I never had the chance to be able to work for and with the homeless. I will appreciate this experience for the rest of my life.

Ella Sivilla
Today was by far my favourite day, we went downtown and handed out food to the homeless. While we did that we meet Said, he was a homeless man raising money for his daughters surgeries after she got into a car accident in Iran. We met a lot of very nice homeless men and women. And It was great to see their happy faces when we gave them the food.

Mark Said
As far as today goes, today was the best mission trip for countless reasons. First I enjoyed being with my friends helpibed ng the need. Then I liked the stories from the homeless of how they ended up there and many more but in conclusion I’ve served and worshiped to the lord and God presence was there.

We went To Moisson Montreal (food bank that distributes food to other food banks). Then, we went at a retreat where we had a special guest speaking about missions. We stayed at the retreat a night. We went at LaCorde (a place where we helped the kids) Same thing as day 3… On friday, we went at Welcome Hall missions where Abigail, Rosalie and I got to give meat to people. Sunday, we went to a Haitian church then to skytag. Monday, we went to On Rock ministries. The last two days, we were helping the homeless people in Downtown.

Ella k
Today was a culture shock day
We went to china town,old port,Notre-Dame Basically ALL OF MONTREAL and the best part was the amount of homeless people we got to talk to made it twice as good my favourite part was meeting Said a homeless man from Iran who needed money to go help his daughter who got into a car accident and needs surgery it really touched my heart because he asked me to pray for him and he was so touched by the prayer and the food and the money that he gave us all hugs. Happy birthday Richard!!!!

Magdala- today was a wonderful day before we went on the metro we prayed for God to put people on our paths and it’s just so amazing to see how God works and how we saw someone exactly when we got off the metro that really needed help and how we got to pray for him and his daughter . Overall my experience was great!!!


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