Friday’s update…

Sonya:  Today was just as amazing as yesterday, the kids were just as welcoming as the teachers. I feel like we did more in these few days than we did last time I came here. I am excited to go to the orphanage and make more connections. At the school, we saw another mission’s team, they handed out candies that is exactly what we wanted to avoid on this trip. Not to give stuff to people and leave, but to build relationships with the people around us. I am not enjoying the rain much, sitting in the back of a pickup truck during that rain is not that fun either. Over all I am still having fun.

Anthony: Today, like Sonya said, was just as amazing as yesterday. We had gone again to the school today and were very amused. At the school, we met another group of “Gringos” who were working at the medical clinic near the school area. We’re about to go to the orphanage and watch a movie with them and I’m pretty psyched to see them again. There wasn’t much of a need to go to the river today since the rain took care of that. Overall, an awesome day.

Jess: What an awesome day that the Lord has made! We went back into the classrooms and it was a joy getting to know the students better. Armenia Government School has about 17 teachers for 420 students. As you can imagine, these instructors have an immense amount of work to do every day, so helping out with tasks like correcting quizzes lessened their burden and was greatly appreciated. In the evening, we had the opportunity to spend time with girls at Marla’s House of Hope, a foster home in Belmopan. It was a delight to get to know them and this ministry that In His Footsteps partners with!

 Zos: I had a pretty great day. I’m currently playing cards outside while listening to these cool toads and different creatures un the jungle. It’s awesome! I wish I could stay here longer. We just got back from Marla’s house of hope. The girls there are really cool. We connected with them really easily and spent a fun evening chilling with them. I really hope we get to go back and see them. Miss you guys back home.

Grace: Today was so much fun. We helped out at the school where my team and I had to teach an entire class all by ourselves! Afterwards, we went to Marla’s House of Hope which absolutely amazing. The girls were so nice and so much fun to talk to! Well now I’m back at the base writing this message listening to the most bizarre noises ever and all I can say is that this is awesome. By the way, Happy Birthday Andrew! ❤

Nate: This day was simply amazing! The kids at the school were so happy to see us, that alone made my day! They were so cheerful and eager to learn, and I’ve grown really attached to them. Afterwards, we went to Marla’s House of Hope where we met a dozen girls who were living there. They were honestly so cool and fun with us that I can’t wait to go back. Today was such a blessing, and I thank God for every opportunity He gives us to interact with the people of Belize and not only help them, but learn and grow ourselves.

David: What can I add to these stories…the students are all doing extremely well, they are flexible, serving, loving and committed.  It is a blessing to be able to connect so easily in with all of them, as they learn and grow in their understanding of missions and how to love God and love others.  They are all mature and able to adapt well to each situation.

Health wise, everyone is doing well, the food has been great, and everyone is participating well.  Lazarus and Alicia are amazing hosts for all of us, and look after us in all aspects. The heat is not too intense and we have got to experience the rain here as well!

We are helping the local ministry here by connecting into the school and the school administration.  Many students and teachers are not aware of the work Lazarus and Alicia do here, and being in the school, with teachers and students, allows us to share the IHF ministry with them through our support at the school.  There is a high level of trust that I am so astounded to witness at the school.  Ms. Romero, the school principal, met us the first day and had each of the students go into different classes.  We were each able to help with the daily lessons and get to know the students and staff.  We have shared bible stories and songs as well.  Our students have lots of energy and it is so great to see them working and sharing well!

The other connection piece is into Marla’s, which is a home for girls in Belmopan.  We had a great movie night and time of sharing with them as well.  There are so many terrible stories of how these girls arrived here at the home, to have them connect in with another group of young people for healthy fun and sharing is important.  We will try to connect again with them later as well.

We also have regular devotional and sharing times on the base, and have been learning and hearing from God throughout our time here.

We are looking forward to our day on Saturday with the Pop family.  We are heading off to a local beach, south of here for the day.  We will try to check in later tonight, but it will depend on what time we get back!


Blessings to all back home!  We miss you all!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s update…

  1. Great blog posts everyone! Sounds like you are making meaningful connections and developing many leadership skills. Thank God for keeping you healthy and giving you so many wonderful opportunities to serve for His glory! Grace, we miss you sooo much! Hugs, Mom


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